The Problem


For years we searched for a reliable screen solution and although we had more success with smaller windows we could never find a suitable screen solution for larger windows and doors. In many cases we were left with no other option but to install the ubiquitous pleated screens in order to fulfill a customers requirement.

The problem with this type of screen is the fragility of the overall product. if you had pets or kids these systems would last about 5 minutes if you were lucky. The strings would break the mesh would blow out and tear easily. Admittedly there are some cases where pleated screens have been used with great care and lasted many years, however these cases are very few and far between.

So given what was available in the market place we thought …..There just has to be a better solution!!


The Solution

Enter the Freedom Infinity Zipline Retractable Screen!!What a wonderful and well designed product it is. So robust and durable we have never seen another screen product like it. It comprises of a durable mesh that has a zip welded to it along the top and bottom. The zips glides through a channel that forms part of an aluminum extruded track. The mesh is a super strong vinyl coated polyester that can withstand great force and is super simple to clean, Also so see through you can hardly see it is there!! Because this system is so well designed it can cope with much larger openings that would have been impossible to do with any screen previously.

Up 4 meters width with with a single screen and 3.2 meters high, The width is doubled up to 8 meters when using a double screen configuration.


We Love Em!

Since Quality Screens Asia launched the Freedom infinity Zipline Screen we have had nothing but great success with this product. We know if you become an owner of one of our infinity zipline screens that you will love them too!!