The pump room is generally one of the most corrosive places you can find around your home and yet this is where we store some of our most valuable equipment, ie water pumps, pool pumps, electrical control units. The reason for such corrosiveness is a combination of factors. Pump rooms are often confined out of the way places and suffer a lack of ventilation through proper air flow. In addition to that heat, humidity and stored chemicals that can off gas, leads to an environment that is extremely harsh for equipment to operate in. this can lead to corrosion of parts, we have even seen corrosion and decay on electronic printed circuit boards which can lead to failures and expensive repair bills.

In the past we have seen the common air brick used to add ventilation( brick made with horizontal slats), however in our experience they often do not provide sufficient airflow and also allow small lizards and other animals to pass which also can be another hazard for electrical\ electronic equipment. Air bricks do tend to get clogged up with dirt and insects after a while and are quite difficult to clean.

Today we have a much better solution. Our Heavy Duty Aluminum Mesh Vent System with Durable outdoor easyclean mesh offers an attractive alternative that not only looks great but is much more functional and super easy to clean. It does not let insects pass through like air bricks can and can be sized according to requirements.

If you are experiencing corrosion problems in your electrical/pump or store rooms please contact us for advice on a solution.

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