Lets face it wherever people tend to live whether its in the city or out in the countryside Pigeons can be a real pest, a pain, a problem, and the main cause is the Pigeon poop they leave behind. As well as being unsightly, difficult to clean, Pigeon poop can carry diseases sometimes fatal to humans.see BBC report below..


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We now have a long term solution! Gone are the days of trying to string up PVC pipe with fishing net on it. Not only does fishing net look terrible but it is a solution that simply does not last long. Instead we can now supply our powder-coated aluminum extrusion used in conjunction with our extremely durable outdoor enclosure mesh. Not only does this system look smart and attractive, it is designed for the outdoors and can handle the elements and strong wind loads. A perfect solution for condominiums or any balcony areas where birds or flying insects are a nuisance. Cleaning is super simple with a damp cloth or sponge. This system is so robust it can even be jet-washed!!