In this part of the word be are blessed with great weather, sunny days and breezy evenings, who wouldn’t want to spend more time outdoors! Of course every upside has a flipside and the downside here can be pesky bugs and mosquitoes. In the day time its flies that can be a nuisance, especially when dining. At night its the dreaded mosquito. In addition to being incredibly irritating, they can also harbour and spread nasty diseases, which for the victim, will be a most unpleasant experience to say the least.

As dusk approaches most of us slam shut the doors, close all the windows and switch the air-conditioning on. Well that needn’t be  the case for all of us. We can now convert our under utilized terrace areas into new comfortable, practical  and healthy spaces where we can relax and socialise more outdoors, but with indoor comfort. Installing retractable, fixed or a combination of both, our outdoor terrace screen solutions will extend the useable living area your house or condo. No need for for screens on doors, just walk from one area into another. Enjoy free flow living without the annoyance of flying insects,

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