To be fair in Thailand up until recent times there has not been a lot of choice on the market for swimming pool fences. As far as we know there are no rules that govern what you can or cannot put around a swimming pool in Thailand unlike places like Australia that have strict rules and enforcement regarding swimming pool fences. As a result there have been a number of fatalities over the years involving small children that unfortunately drowned in the family swimming pool. As a father myself I couldn’t imagine the pain that such an incident would bring and have personal experience of a friend losing a child in such a way. So what to do?

We have seen a number of attempted solutions from steel bars, DIY fences made out of plastic pipe and of course the ubiquitous glass balustrade. Although glass balustrade provides an adequate barrier and looks nice if kept clean, the problem is keeping it clean in the first place. Glass smears and stains so easily next to water and with the hot sun will bake the stain on making it difficult to clean. In addition there is a safety aspect to consider. Pools are often areas where children like to run and play so at the least any glass should be at least tempered. However we have seen instances where this is not the case and normally float glass has been used normally to save on cost. If thicker glass is used its better in terms of breakage but we still have a very hard surface for little johnny to bang his head on should he trip or fall.


The Better Solution!


Here at Quality Screens Asia we build balustrade designed for use around swimming pools. Our Pool Fences  are an attractive alternative to glass balustrade. They are made from highly corrosion resistant materials which is extremely important due to the corrosiveness of a swimming pool environment. They incorporate an extremely strong polyester mesh that will not stain or smear like glass yet retains a see through quality similar to glass. Our mesh is so easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth or jet wash. This mesh is locked into our robust extruded aluminum frames which feature a very high quality durable Sahara Powder Coat finish. Our pool fences are usually locked into place using very strong aluminum posts anchored into place using stainless steel fixings and chemical weld. On top of all this they look absolutely  beautiful!!


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Glass - Stains and Smears

Mesh -A Cleaner Look

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