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So who are Quality Screens Asia?

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Our Approach

Working within the construction/doors and windows industries in Asia for a number of years, it is clear that a significant lack of high quality insect/blockout screen solutions exists within the south east asian markets.

Quality Screens Asia is looking to bridge that gap by supplying quality screen solutions to Hotels, Businesses, residential developers and property owners throughout the South East Asia Region.

To ensure high standards are consistently met all installation works are carried out through one of our approved installer network teams.

Our aim is to provide high quality, practical, durable mosquito screen solution systems that are innovative and designed to compliment in any architectural setting.

Take a look at some of our happy customers reviews on our Google Map listing by clicking here.

Quality Screens Asia | Windows Screens and Fly Screens in Thailand
Our Mission

QSA work together with Architects, Property Management Teams, building professionals and various business owners including doors/window companies, also home owners that are looking to upgrade their home or to replace old and worn out existing fly screen systems.

We cater for all! Our products are not only suited to the new build sector, a large percentage of our business is aimed at the after market solutions group, typically home owners who are looking to replace and upgrade their current insect screen systems. If you are looking for high quality replacement windows & doors in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya or Hua Hin, visit our sister company SSS Windows.


Popular Questions

Our screens are bespoke, made to measure and built by hand. Therefore as with any premium product, fabrication does take a little time. Initially correct measurement of the installation site is essential.

First an onsite survey must be conducted to accurately measure the openings, determine what spacer units may be needed along with any other installation considerations. Once the survey is complete all items are entered onto a drawing. On approval of the drawing by the customer, instruction is then sent for fabrication.

First step in fabrication is to power-coat selected tracks and housings. This is carried out using state of the art power-coating equipment. Once power-coating is complete, items are sent to the factory floor for assembly. Before assembly can take place the mesh is cut. This must be carried out with millimetre precision.

Once cut to size the mesh must then be welded, normally two zips one top and one bottom and an interlock for the draw bar. At this point the mesh is manually wound onto the spring loaded roller and tested for correct tension. All items are then assembled and put onto a test jig. Every screen is physically inspected and tested before it leaves the factory.

Normal fabrication and delivery time is 3-5 weeks

There are many factors that can determine the final cost of a screen. Size, design, location, ease of installation, if it requires additional spacing or bracing, modifications to surrounding areas etc etc, the list goes on.

However in general terms our screens being a premium product are around double the cost on a square meter basis of most of the standard generic screen systems available on the market. However any additional cost needs to be offset with the great functionality and longevity of the product.

We say Double the price but 10 x the Value!!

We use a PET Tolerant mesh in most of our products. It is a high grade vinyl coated polyester product that resits attention from pets where other meshes would absolutely fail.

However the mesh is not indestructible so of course wherever possible it is advisable to deter any animals from interfering with your screens.

Compared to traditional screen products that use a fiber mesh product, our vinyl coated clear view mesh is exceptionally easy to clean.

Fiber mesh has a slightly rough texture which tends to attract dust and dirt, but also makes cleaning a little difficult. Our clear view mesh has a smooth surface which makes cleaning easy.

It only needs to be wiped with a damp cloth or sponge and you are done!

As with any mechanical system a certain amount of maintenance is required, but generally this is minimal. It is important to keep the tracks free of dirt and debris. This is achieved by regular vacuum cleaning. The mesh cane be cleaned using a soft brush, damp cloth or sponge.

If the screen is not running smooth this can sometimes be helped with a little food grade silicone spray into the zip channel only (do not apply to the brake). At no point should the screen be forced if it becomes jammed or doesn’t run a smooth as it should.

If in doubt, book in a service call. We are here to help.

Yes, all roller mechanism and track systems will have a 2 year warranty against any manufacturing defects, Our clear view mesh has a 1 year warranty including all zips and welds.

The warranty is applied against any manufacturing defects under normal usage during the specified time, but will not be applied in any of the following conditions;

  • Storm damage – high wind
  • Improper use – use by force
  • Blunt force trauma – objects or people falling into the screen
  • Sharp objects including animal claws or teeth